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Books, Manuals

Elevator Industry Inspection Handbook
Elevator Maintenance Field Handbook

Elevator Maintenance Manual
Field Employee’s Safety Handbook

Lift Modernization Design Guide


Brush Springs
Brushes Verification Worksheet
Brushes Cross Reference
Armor Brushes

Bull Brushes
Dover Brushes
General Brushes
Haughton Brushes

Imperial Brushes
Leroy Somer Brushes
Otis Brushes
Westinghouse Brushes


Accordion Gates
Alarm Bells
Car Top Inspection Stations
Certificate Frames
Door Edges
Emergency Lights Replacement Parts

Emergency Lights, Universal LED Kit
Fans AC/DC
Fans Grills
Handicap Chimes
Inspection Stations
Inspection Stations Parts
Inspection Stations / Emergency Lights

Rectangular Handrails and Parts
Round Handrails and Parts
Handrail Worksheets Selector
Residential Elevator Gates
Security System (Keyless Entry)


Phone, Selection Chart
Phone, ADA Compliant

Phone, Emergency Rescue
Phone, Line-Dialers
Phone, Non-ADA Compliant

Telephone Cabinets
Telephone Cabinet Accessories


Contact Kits, Replacement
DC Tach Generator
Hatch Switches
Limit Switches
Magnetic Landing System
Magnetic Switches
Motor Starters
Motors, Blower

Motors, Submersible, Dry, Kits
Optical Switches
Otis “L” Door Lock
Otis Door “L” Lock Replacement Parts
Peelle Replacement Parts
Phase Monitors
Pressure Switches
Proximity Switches “Omron”
Pushbuttons and Parts Innovation

Pushbuttons and Parts Atlas, D.A. Matot, Sedgwick, Automatic Elevator
Pushbuttons and Parts, EPCO
Pushbuttons Hall Stations and Lanterns
Relay Testers
Replacement Mechanical Switches


Escalator Brush
Escalator Parts DOVER
Escalator Parts HAUGHTON

Escalator Parts HITACHI
Escalator Parts MONTGOMERY
Escalator Parts OTIS

Escalator Parts WESTINGHOUSE

Fluids, Compounds

Pevicol Sealant

Smoke Detector Tester
Socketfast Resin Compound For Rope

Spray Paint
X-Pando Joint Compound


Phone, Selection Chart
Phone, ADA Compliant

Phone, Emergency Rescue
Phone, Line-Dialers
Phone, Non-ADA Compliant

Telephone Cabinets
Telephone Cabinet Accessories

Heating, Cooling

Elevator Cab Air Conditioner
Elevator Cab Heater

Tank Coolers
Tank Chillers

Tank Heaters

Lamps, Led

Lamps, Drawings

Lamps, Reference Data
LED Indicators Lamps

Machine Room

Isolation Couplings
Isolation Pads
Motor Generator Filters
Pipe Stand

Power Units
Power Units Work Sheet
Valves, Coils
Valves, EECO, Maxton
Valve O-Ring Replacement Kits, EECO

Valve O-Ring Replacement Kits,Maxton
Valves, Pipe Rupture
Valves, Shut Off
Victaulic Fittings


Packing Products
Packing Hooks
Packing Tape
Packing, Cylinder Head Identification

Packing, Cylinder Head
Packing, Traction Machine
Elevator Packing Box Verification
Hydraulic Head Seal Product Description

Jack Aligning System
Jack Lubricator
Traction Machine Packing Product Description
Worm Gear Packing Box Verification

Pit & Rail

Auxiliary Convenience Box (Under Cab Work Light)
Buffer, Springs
Buffer, Stands
Buffer Spring Stand Worksheet
Cylinder Drip Ring
Emergency Light
Emergency Light Replacement Parts
Pit Flood Alarm
Pit Ladder

Pit Ladder Worksheet
Pit Pads
Pit Switches & Work Light
Pump, Oil Transfer
Pump, Scavenger
Pump, Submersible and Dry
Bevel Washers
Guide Rail
Guide Shoes

Guide Shoe Worksheet
Rail Brackets, Clips
Rail Bugs, Gauges, Hoisting Clevises
Rail Clamps
Rail Inserts and Parts
Rail Leaches, Oilers
Rail Shims
Seizing Wire, Piano Wire

Service, Repair

Astragal and Holder
Babbitt Sockets
Beam and Cab Pads
Cable Hangers
Cable Oilers, Wicks
Car Safeties, Governors, Governor Rope Clamp, Rams Heads and Tension Sheave Assembly
Car Sills
Chain Lubricator
Circuit Boards, Printed, PCB
Clutch Roller & Shaft
Door Emergency Releases and Parts
Door Gap Gauge
Door Gibbs
Door Hanger Roller Kit
Door Interlock
Door Keys, Key Keepers
Door Operators, GAL

Door Operator Motors
Door Pressure Gauge
Door Pull Straps
Door Restrictor
Door Saddle Inserts
Door Spirators
Elevator Protective Pads Worksheet
Fire Key Boxes and Parts
Follower Guide Assembly Worksheet
Gate Operator (Folding Gate)
Gate Shoes
Hatch Doors
Hatch Sills
Hoistway Access Key Box and Parts
Janitorial Supplies
MOH Horizontal Release

Oil Dry Absorbent
Pad Hooks
Pad Locks
Panaforty and Accessories
Pit Pads
Retiring Cam and Parts
Roller Guide Assemblies
Rollers, Door Hanger
Rollers, Guide Wheel
Rubber Door Bumpers
Sticky Mats
Support, Angles
Support, Grips
Wedge Sockets
Wire Rope

Signs, Labels, Tags

Capacity Plates, Signs
Danger Signs
Data Tags

Escalator Signs and Decal
Evacuation Signs
Lockout Breaker, Tags, Signs
Maintenance Signs, Tape

No Smoking Signs
Phase I Signs
Phase II Signs
Special Signs

Tool, Safety

AC Sensor
Burnishing Tools
Continuity Tester
Diagnostic Listening Tool
Dial Indicator
Door Gap Gauge
Door Pressure Gauge
Escalator Step Gauge
Fascia Floor Marking
File Holder
Fish Tapes
Floor, Carpet Protection
Fuse Pullers
GFCI Tester

Handbook, Mirrors
Inspection Mirrors
Jack Aligning System
Leveling Packages
Liquid Pressure Gauge
Maintenance Barricade, “The Boys”
No-Go Gauge
Oil Level Gauge
Oily Waste Cans (Safety and Industrial)
Orange Sticks
Packing Hooks
Packing Tape
Pick-Up Tools
Piston Clamps
Piston Wrenches
Portable Filter Systems

Relay Testers
Rope Tension Gauge
Safety Data Sheets – SDS
Safety Handbook
Safety Mirrors
Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector Tester
Soft Jaws
Solder Pots
Spanner Driver
Tape Measure
Wire Rope Clamps
Wire Rope Wear Gauge
Wire Wrap Tools

Contractors & Relays

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